Kibale National Park_20120713_66
Kanyawara, Kibale National Park.

I’m an evolutionary anthropology PhD student in Ian Gilby‘s lab at Arizona State University. I study the form, function, and development of social relationships among male chimpanzees: in other words, (a) what do male friendships look like and between whom do they form?; (b) how do benefits accrue to the individuals involved?; and (c) how do early social experiences influence adult outcomes?

Last year, I completed 12 months of fieldwork in Gombe National Park, Tanzania, where I was investigating chimpanzee social development and partner preferences. It involved a lot of time watching young chimpanzees wrestle and play.

I currently am living in Mexico City, doing data analysis and writing up my dissertation.

Outside of my graduate work, I do science and education outreach in an after school program and teach at a maximum security prison.